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9' x 16' LED Video Screen 9' x 16' LED Video Screen 9' x 16' LED Video Screen

Outdoor Events

There’s no reason that a choice few of your outdoor events audience should have the best view, just because they are closer to the event or stage. With our LARGE LED Video Screen Wall, your event can be viewed by the widest, most appropriate audience. Our outdoor LED Video Screen provides the highest level of accessibility for live events. With a mobile LED Video Screen rental, you can turn your event from an ordinary blasé type old school event into a more modern vibrant event. Increasing the accessible view to your event and greatly increasing the events benefits to your audience via our LED Video Screen rental, directly equates to the event and it’s success. No matter what type of event it is.

Live HD Camera Feeds

What sets us apart from other mobile LED video screen companies is that we’re not afraid to push the envelope or think outside the box when it comes to recording your event. Our professional camera and audio video tech crew can stream the event feeds directly to our LED Video Screen or internet. We can record and archive your event for internet streaming or DVD / CD duplication for disc sales. We always strive to incorporate the latest technology for the success of your event. Whether it is a sporting, corporate, political, concert, non-profit event, or small-town festival, rest assured that we will supply a pristine live HD video signal for your viewing pleasure!

A Sponsor’s Best Friend

Don’t just fit our LED Video Screen into your budget, use it to attract more sponsors. Whether you’re a local sporting event, Christmas tree lighting, non-profit event, or small-town festival, our LED Video Screen can work for you. Our LED Video Screen can actually pay for itself by running sponsors ads directly onto the LED Video Screen. Our services are proven to allow your sponsors maximum exposure while also offering entertainment value. Our LED Video Screen is a outdoor visible TV. Let your imagination run wild. We can offer signage opportunities on our screens and we can help you with any helpful hints on how to acquire that big sponsor, in addition to creating their ad if needed.
9' x 16' LED Video Screen

LED Mobile Video Screen

We’ll drive in, raise the LED Video Screen from our trailer, and set up our audio and video cameras (if needed) in mere moments. Give your outdoor event audience the WOW factor they deserve.
9' x 16' LED Video Screen


Please contact us to rent one of our outdoor weatherproof Mobile LED Video Screen. You will find our rates are very reasonable. If you are looking to inform or entertain your audience with dazzling images and clear messages, this is the answer to your event needs at any time of the day or night.
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